British Game Alliance Frequently Asked Questions


What is the British Game Alliance?

The British Game Alliance (BGA) is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to promote game across all sectors as a national marketing board. Running its 'British Game' assurance scheme for participating shoots. The BGA has the support and backing of all shooting organisations plus DEFRA and the FSA.


What are the BGA’s objectives?

The BGA aims to drive up the demand in order to return a commercial value back to game once again. The BGA aims to implement credible self-regulation across the shooting industry to ensure we abide by “best practice”, offering us political security and a sustainable future.


Is the BGA another competing shooting organisation?

No, the BGA has the support and backing of all shooting organisations unifying them under a common purpose to deal with the game market and regulate shooting. The BGA board plan to hand the directorship of the BGA back to the shooting organisations through its Advisory Committee by April 2021.


How does the BGA aim to grow the market for game?

With a dedicated sales team leading the way, opening up new markets for game in the UK and overseas on behalf of the shooting community. The BGA is working with key household names to develop game products to make game “mainstream”.

The BGA is running its consumer facing marketing campaign, Eat Wild, to engage the British Public with game like never before. Utilising celebrity chefs, and influencers in sector such as the health, fitness and sports worlds to help drive the message of eating game as a healthy alternative.


Why do we need the British Game Alliance?

The BGA is the only organisation tackling the ever-increasing issue of oversupply of game on to the market as well as implementing credible self-regulation. We cannot afford for the issue to worsen as it is our Achilles heel and if allowed to continue to crash would result in government intervention and subsequently shooting being heavily restricted. We have been warned of this as far up as No 10.


How are you addressing the issue of lead in game?

Leading game processors are able to scan game meat for lead shot and subsequently remove it. We are taking this issue very seriously as it has been a sticking issue for the game market in the past.  We are currently exploring independent scientific research into lead ingestion from game meat and its effects along with more efficient lead removal options. The GWCT provides detailed information on the effect of lead on human health here.


How does the BGA ensure that its standards are being adhered to?

When shoots become affiliated with the BGA they sign up to the BGA’s Shoot Standards. We work with external and experienced auditors, who will be inspecting 50% of our shoots this year aiming for 100% next year. Any credible complaints are investigated within 48 hours and where a shoot is found to be in serious breach of our standards they will be removed from the scheme. Our auditors will be working with shoots in the main to better standards on their shoots.


How is the BGA financed?

The BGA has three lines of primary income:


  • Membership dues from shoots
  • 50p levy paid by guns (a big reliance is from the guns partaking)
  • A number of commercial partnerships from within the shooting industry


We also have an income stream from individual donations and fundraising events.


What does the 'British Game' stamp stand for?

The ‘British Game’ stamp is a kite mark that signifies that the shoot is operating to the highest ethical and sustainable standards.  As a consumer, if you see the stamp on a game product you know that it has come from a BGA assured shoot and is therefore assured to the highest quality, with sustainable and ethical practices.


Who’s involved with the BGA?

The BGA has a highly regarded board of Directors bringing a wealth of knowledge to the forefront of the organisation. These Directors have all given their time pro-bono. In the future they hope to hand their roles over to a Management Committee.

The BGA also has a driven and experienced team of employees which can be seen here. The BGA is not a competing organisation but one that unites them all under one umbrella with a common objective, offering their full support and backing.


What governance does the BGA have?

Aside from the BGA board there is an Advisory Committee made up on the major shooting organisations and regional shoot representatives to ensure the BGA stays in touch with the shooting community and feeds critical feedback. Any changes to the standards along with other major decisions can be vetoed by the Advisory Committee.


Where does my money get spent?

The BGA has a budget set out by the board and lead by our Treasurer ensuring all monies are appropriately managed. The biggest expenditures as you might imagine for the BGA are staff salaries and marketing along with the shoot audit process.    If you would like to understand the figures further, then please get in touch with the team and we would be happy to discuss.


Is the BGA just for big commercial shoots?

No, the BGA represents all shoots of all sizes, self-regulation is something that should be embraced by all to ensure Government intervention isn’t necessary. We also all have a significant interest in the national game market, whether or not you have a market for your game, many don’t, and we are all in the same boat, so we need all shoots to help contribute to dealing with the issues we face to ensure we all have a sustainable future.


What has the BGA achieved to date? (Jan 19’)

  • The BGA has onboarded 400 shoots since May 18’
  • The BGA has united the shooting organisations under one umbrella
  • Has appointed a highly experienced and regarded board of directors
  • The BGA has garnered support from DEFRA and No. 10
  • The BGA has audited 33% of shoots in year one and aims to do 50% this year
  • Has a consumer facing brand – Eat Wild -
  • Celebrity Chef Nigel Haworth is the face of our campaign

In this short time the BGA has got game into hundreds of outlets including:

  • Carnivore - National Wholesaler; to over 1500 hotels and restaurants
  • Equinoxe – Hotel Procurement; National to 300 pubs bar and restaurants
  • Hook and Line – National Wholesaler; 100 top end London restaurants
  • PSL Food Group – Hotel Procurement; Over 600 hotels & 40 groups
  • Wright Brothers – National Wholesale; 250 London restaurants
  • My Fish Company – London Wholesaler; 200 restaurants in the UK
  • Ottolenghi – Restaurant Chain; 5 luxury London restaurants
  • Millennium Copthorne Hotels & Resorts; 24 4-star UK hotels
  • Go Kart – Restaurant Procurement; 140 pubs & restaurants
  • The Ned - private members club and hotel (part of the Soho House group).
  • Marriot Hotel Group – 56 hotels in the UK and hundreds worldwide

Plus, many many more...

Is the Government helping with the issues we face?

Yes, we have a lot of support in Parliament with DEFRA and the FSA backing the BGA and offering their assistance in export and other legislation. Many senior MP’s are also publicly backing the BGA.


“From where I sit in Parliament I really feel shooting is in the last chance saloon. The BGA is about self-regulation and addressing some of the negatives that are thrown at us by our opponents and dealing with the current issues we face.

The BGA is a lifeline for all, yes all, who love our sport. Those of us who face up to shooting’s many opponents really see how vital it is for the BGA to succeed.”

The Rt Hon Richard Benyon

Member of Parliament for Newbury




If you have any further queries, then please visit the email us or call the office on 0203 727 5204

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