Working Together To Secure The Future Of Game


By becoming a brand partner you will be showing your support for the British Game Alliance and our efforts. Helping us to raise the demand and therefore value of game meat, alongside our credible self-regulation ensuring the shooting community has a sustainable future.

How it works

To become a partner you pay a donation to the BGA below.

Once the fee is paid and your partner account is activated, within two working days, your company logo and link direct to your website will be live and showcased on this page. The fee ensures you are live on or site for one year as a partner.

You will receive a confirmation email and a link to download our logo for use on your marketing materials to communicate your sponsorship and support of the British Game Alliance.

On signing up you have the choice to offer our members a ten percent discount off your products. We see this as a further way of uniting the shooting community and working together for the future of game.

Please be sure to check the box when submitting your application if you wish to offer this.

So, what do you get back?

Brand endorsement from the BGA across all media platforms, use of BGA logo on all marketing materials and the ability to collaborate with us at various industry events. Alongside exposure to our rapidly expanding network of members.

Your partnership fee will be used to support our two main activities.


The first is our auditing and regulatory processes that we are putting in place to raise the quality and standard of game meat that is produced in the UK. We put much time and resource into creating a credible self-regulation scheme to secure a sustainable industry moving forward.

Secondly, our sales and marketing efforts. Opening up new routes to market for game both at home and overseas. Alongside stimulating a demand for all game with our consumer facing ‘Eat Wild’ campaign, targeted at getting more consumers eating game, removing any stigmas and making game the go to choose for a healthy, lean protein source.