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We would greatly appreciate your anonymous feedback to see how we can improve, this survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete, all comments will be invaluable for us in the future.

At the BGA, we have a strong team with great credentials and are passionate about moving this initiative forward. It’s with this passion that we form our alliance. Our team come from different backgrounds, levels of experiences and industries, but we are all passionate about the same goal.


Tom Adams, the Managing Director of the BGA, grew up in the South West and was a keen shooting enthusiast from childhood. He said: “I studied land management at agricultural college and I ran a shoot down in Somerset for three years before coming to London. I worked at GunsOnPegs, as Director of Shooting for four years where I saw the problems we face get ever bigger and little being done to combat it. I love cooking and I hate waste so couldn’t see how there was a future for us if we didn’t set up a marketing board.”


The team at the BGA are always keen to hear your feedback and your comments are important to us, so we have set up a Survey Monkey to do just that. Our organisation is inclusive of everyone in the shooting industry and we’re asking for your constructive criticism so we can adopt your feedback. Please fill in the following survey and let us know what you think of the work we’ve done so far. Our aim is to unite the shooting industry, noting we are stronger together and hope in time we can make this a reality but we need your feedback to craft a path for a sustainable future which represents us all.


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